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Food Pantry
1. Help Distribute food
2. Attend our work outings to the food depository, where we have a lot of fun and receive credit for the hours worked.
3. Attend the "Walk for Hunger" in June with our organization,
4. or donate money to Greater Chicago Food Depository during that time to apply as a credit for EAA food bill.

See the Food Pantry page for more details about this program

Emergency Senior Home Repair
If you have knowledge of home repair EAA could use your help for many Senior Citizens are in need of minor home repair and whenever possible we do this free of charge.

We are in need of donated materials to be used for emergency repair on Senior Homes.

For program details regarding this program see Senior Home Repair page.

Community Gardens
Assist us during the Clean and Green program in the spring and again in the fall. We clean abandoned lots, plant flowers, paint street posts, etc.

See the Community Garden page for more details about this program

Too often low-income households have to choose between paying utility bills or paying for other essentials. LIHEAP helps eligible low-income households pay for energy services.

In conjunction with the Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County, Inc. (CEDA) and it's LIHEAP , EAA is currently providing help to low-income individuals, families and seniors who are having difficulties paying their utility bills.

The program begins with a priority period starting September 1st for those who are Seniors Citizens, or Disabled. October 1st households where a utility is Physically Disconnected and/or households with children UNDER 5 years of age. and finally November 1st all income qualifying individual or family can come to apply. The program runs until the money is exhausted.


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