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A proud member of Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly (CLESE) whose members provide a broad range of assistance to older persons who are not fluent in English.


Program Overview
Since mid 1993, European American Association (EAA) has assisted Chicago Seniors through the In-Home Service Program and after years of hard work and determination we now employ over 500 Homecare Aides and serve more than 975 Senior Clients each month. EAA assists English and non-English speaking clients by attempting to match our Homecare Aides and clients, based on language and cultural backgrounds.

Those who help seniors know the aging process can sometimes be a lonely and frightening experience, but when there is also a language barrier, the feeling of isolation can truly be overwhelming.

As people age, illnesses and chronic conditions often make it harder for them to do the simple tasks of daily life. Some of the first tasks that become difficult are grocery shopping, house cleaning, and laundry.

As they become weaker, they may be unable to prepare meals or need help with eating, bathing, and dressing. This program allows our caring Homecare Aides to help in areas of need, which for some of our clients, may be the only human contact they have.

In short it's a win-win program, saving the state a huge amount in nursing home costs, while at the same time creating meaningful employment for thousands, It provides the support needed to help Senior Citizens remain at home and live independent longer while allowing them to retain a sense of dignity and self-esteem.

For more information in the Chicago Area Call Chicago Department on Aging @ (312) 744-4016 We attempt to match our Homecare Aides and clients, based on language and cultural backgrounds.

EAA currently employ Homecare Aides who speak;

English, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Spanish, and others.

Homecare Aides help Seniors do the simple tasks of daily life, which as they age, may become more difficult to perform.

Sometimes the Homecare Aide is the only human contact a Senior may have.

Homecare Aides see their clients on a regular basis and often are the first to notice changes in the clients condition, which enables us to alert the family or their health care providers of these changes.


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